About Taos, New Mexico

Taos is at the northern tip of the state of New Mexico bordering the state of Colorado.  The Taos Pueblo, with its rich 1000 year history, is the longest occupied Indian reservation in the United States.  This reservation is the only living Native American community designated both a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark.  Itǯs not possible to speak of Taos without giving proud mention to this rich, cultural, historical and spiritual Indigenous heritage that overlays the area.
Taos is defined by its historical churches, earthen homes and southwestern architecture, Native American presence, mystics, writers, artists, theatrical talent, dancers, healers, and its tri-cultural population of Tewa Indians, Spanish and Anglos.The county of Taos is population poor with a mere 30,000 residents but land rich with lots of opportunities for nature exploration and expansive vistas.  With streams and rivers, and the famed Rio Grande running through, Taos is a high dessert where snow levels can top a few feet and temperatures reaching well below zero during the frosty winter months.  Our summers are temperate and our climate is extremely dry.  Monsoons and rainfall are common during the summer months and offer fantastic displays of rain, lighting and thunder!  It can snow as late as June and the summer months run from late June through the end of August.

Taos is home to world-renowned, eco builder, Mike Reynolds – a pioneer of sustainable, off-the-grid housing who was the builder of both my homes. Reynolds builds eclectic structures with old tires, bottles and cans, adobe mud, and is known for creating homes with inspiring, artistic and eco-friendly designs. The social scene in Taos is made up of independent thinkers and are all welcome to express their individuality without much fuss. Taos embodies a very deep vein of spirituality whether Native American, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Native American Church, Sacred Medicine Circles, Catholic, etc. New Mexicoǯs license plate reads: DzLand of Enchantmentdz and it easily lives up to its name – this is very sacred, ancestral land, a powerful landing spot. They say if the mountain claims you, you will find a way to live in Taos.

Activities include hiking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, historical Indian Pueblo visits, Indian horseback riding and frequent native fiestas, historical Spanish churches, Hanuman Temple festivals, river rafting, art galleries, southwestern gifts, lectures, concerts, rock bands, museums, opera, restaurants and a fabulous hot springs not far away. Santa Fe, one of the most visited cityǯs in the world, with its renowned Pueblo style architecture, rich history and focus on the arts is a lovely hour drive and a must see. Abiquiu, home to the southwestern artist Georgia OǯKeefe, has a striking red rock landscape with a lake and unusual rock formations that is worth the hour drive. There are petroglyphs that date back hundreds of years. Famed Navajo artist R.C. Gorman lived across the fence from me and is well known for his artistic renditions of natives and Indian scenes. Rod Goebel, who originally owned and designed my home, was a famous pioneer artist in Taos and had a flair for the original!