Medicina del Sapo Sagrado

The mysterious and profound workings of Kambo issue from an intelligence far beyond our understanding. Kambo imparts subtle and incredible transformational changes on emotional, spiritual and psychic levels in addition to its biological benefits. These changes may show up as relationship endings, new beginnings, deep insights and unexpected and beneficial changes to your life. Often you’ll find that you have become different, more authentic, and your life will begin to reflect these profound inner changes. In retrospect, you will see that a new energy and clarity provided you with the impetus and the energy to move forward in ways that your life had become stagnant, unsatisfying, or where change was called for but slow to happen. I encourage you to prepare a timeline, before and after Kambo, consider journaling in the months following your sessions.
As of yet, very little is understood about the workings of nature.  The natural world is directed by some magnificent force and intelligence that sustains us in every aspect of our life.   Often this support is so integral to our existence that we take it for granted.  Kambo is indeed a part of that mysterious and loving force that imparts help and is here to support your life journey and overall well being.   I believe these sacred medicines are becoming more popular now because there is such a great need for them.  They work on all levels – at the same time – and give emotionally and mentally, what they give physically and spiritually.   Those who are bold enough to engage with sacred medicines are richly rewarded many times over.   Consider it a great blessing if you have been chosen to forge a relationship with the benevolent spirit of Kambo.

Short term, Kambo provides an increased state of alertness; enhanced mood; resistance to fatigue, hunger and thirst; better concentration and focus, and a still mind which can last for several days or weeks.  Longer term, Kambo empowers the immune system, overcomes fatigue and will generally improve your state of health. In the case of serious, chronic diseases, long-standing addictions or an overload of accumulated toxins from pharmaceuticals, alcohol or other drugs, it is be advisable to use Kambo more regularly.  With regular treatments, received over a period of time, the detoxing effects of Kambo aggregate in your system and further neutralize the areas of weakness.

About Me

My name is Vivien Bonzo and I am a certified Kambo practitioner trained by Karen Darke, the founder of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners ( in England.   I offer several methods of Kambo administration aside from the basic treatment and can target certain issues that bring you to Kambo.  I work from my home in Taos, New Mexico, and can travel with Kambo for pre-arranged groups outside my area.   I have accommodations that may be available for overnight stays (see accommodation section).


Rape’, Sananga and Bechette

Rape pronounced “hapeh”, is a powdered snuff made of ash and various plant materials.  Rape’ may be used to induce purging during a Kambo session.  There are many varieties of snuff made by various tribes used to assist in meditation, induce visions, connect with nature,  induce relaxation or to stimulate a deep purge.  The rape’ I use in a session contains mapacho or jungle tobacco and is made by the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil.

Rape’ is applied in the nostrils and administered by blowing up each nostril in succession.  There is usually a stinging or burning sensation that is temporary.  Rape’ connects one to the energy of the forest and further works to reduce panema.

Sananga, made of the Tabernaemontana Sananho botanical family, are eye drops produced from a macerated root.   The drops are used by the Indians to prevent various conditions of the eyes including glaucoma, astigmatism, near-sighted, far-sighted, myopia, cataracts and other common eye ailments.  The medicine has been shown anecdotally to improve eyesight or to slow the progression of existing eye conditions.  Another benefit is the decalcification of the pineal gland, enhancing the third eye and awakening intuition.   Inner vision, clarity, removing negative thoughts and energy are amongst the spiritual benefits imparted by Sananga.

Bechette is used by the Matses and other tribes in Peru and Brazil.  Bechette comes from the Tabernaemontana undulata plant, a relative of the bush used to make Sananga.   Bechette contains iboga alkaloids, naturally occurring psychoactive compounds.  Ibogaine is used in pain management and to treat opiate addiction.  Bechette is used to enhance vision and impart energy in its subjects.These additional medicines work together with Kambo to cleanse the energy field of panema and are beneficial in their own right.

Preparing for your Kambo Session

As a purgative, it is well advised to eat lighter one to two days prior to your session.  Please fast for twelve hours before your Kambo treatment and only drink a minimal amount of clear liquids in the morning.  It is also suggested that you abstain from alcohol and other recreational drugs the night before.   Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable.  It can be useful to bring a change of clothes in case your clothes are soiled during the session.  Most clients begin to feel a bit strange in advance of their session.  It is said that once you’ve decided to use Kambo, it comes into your space psychically.

The Kambo Points

The burns are small and act as portals for the secretion to enter your body where it circulates via your lymphatic system.  The small burn marks will usually heal and fade with time, though it is important to understand that some types of skin will continue to show small, perceptible scars months later.  Many people see their Kambo scars as a badge of honor for going through the “ordeal medicine”.

There are traditional places on the body where the small burn points are placed.  Typically, the inner skin on the leg above the ankle is used for women.  Men generally have their points placed on their upper arm.  There are no right and wrong places for these points and it is good to think ahead about where you’d like them.  Treatment may be given on the legs, arms, auricular acupuncture points of the ear, the spine or on meridian points to target specific issues.  I will develop a protocol after discussing what you wish to address with the session.

After Care for Burn Points

When the points begin to heal, try not to remove the scab or scratch as this will often lead to longer term scarring.   When they itch, you can apply a bit of aloe vera and the scabs will dry out sooner.  Try to keep the area dry, except for bathing, and keep any clothing or shoe wear that is abrasive away from your skin for about a week.  It is common for the burn area to remain red and slightly inflamed after the session for a few to several days.

The Application of Kambo

A word of advice:  *Kambo should always be administered by a trained practitioner or someone who has extensive experience and who supervises your treatment at all times.  Improper application or ignorance of contraindications for Kambo poses unnecessary risks to your health and may well jeopardize the use of the medicine for everyone.

Upon application, Kambo courses through the body via the lymph system.  Most people experience a warm to hot flush on the upper body and face along with an increased heart rate.  At this point, different people react differently.  Some will feel dizzy, weak and possibly faint.  Some will have swelling of the lips or face and slight skin tingling or feelings of pressure, discomfort or warmth depending on where the medicine is working.  Through its intelligence, Kambo seeks out your specific problems and then works more intensely on those specific areas.  The symptoms are temporary.    At some point, you will have the desire to purge.  The discomfort present is the accumulation of your own toxins in your body wanting to exit.  As with most sacred medicines, purging eliminates physical, emotional and energetic toxins.  It is customary to rest after your session.  Within an hour or so, you will feel normal and you can eat and drink as you wish.  If you experience a surge of energy after your treatment, scale back your activities because your body has put much energy into the process.  If possible, continue to refrain from alcohol and any recreational drugs after the session to allow the detox to fully integrate within your system.  Most people feel really good the next day, noticeably calm yet having a new supply of energy and focus.

The Beloved Purge

As the medicine runs through the body and its organs it is both common and highly desirable for a deep purge to occur.  This can take any number of forms including vomiting, diarrhea or loose stools, sweating and/or emoting.   It doesn’t last for very long and it is integral to the healing action you’ll receive.

Set An Intention and Surrender

The spirit of the Kambo directs the healing process and you simply hold your strong intention for healing and allow the work to come through.  Slow and deep breathing during the process can be very useful to maintain a sense of stability as Kambo penetrates deep into the body systems.  Some participants find singing useful to soothe themselves (and please the medicine) as it performs its work.  Go with your feeling and be welcoming and grateful for what is being offered.  With Kambo, you enter into a sacred realm and an attitude of trust and gratitude is the right disposition for the experience.

Contraindications to Kambo

Certain health conditions prevent the use of Kambo.  The following is not an exhaustive list of contraindicated conditions.No Kambo should be taken by persons having:

  • *aneurism
  • *blood clots
  • *brain hemorrhage
  • *recent users of diuretics
  • *persons under the age of 18;
  • *pregnant or breastfeeding women with babies under 1 year old;
  • *stroke;
  • *those with serious heart problems, heart transplant or people taking medication for very low blood pressure;
  • *serious wounds externally or internally that have not yet healed such as a very recent surgery;
  • *persons with severe cognitive disorders who are unable to understand the physical processes involved;
  • *persons taking immune system suppressants;
  • *chemotherapy or radiation treatments of less than 4 weeks prior;
  • *animals;
  • *serious mental health conditions, whether or not on medication or undergoing other treatments, except depression.

Caution Is Required With:

  • *serious eating disorders;
  • *menstrual flow to increase for 24-36 hours;
  • *If you are asthmatic, ensure that you have your inhaler with you;
  • *If you are diabetic, suffer from any major, acute or chronic illness, you must disclose the situation and your current medications prior to your treatment;
  • *certain types of drugs and herbal supplements.

 In all cases, during our consultation, you will be asked to provide a list of all supplements,  pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and disclose any known medical or mental conditions that have been or are currently present.  This is for your own safety and for the proper treatment protocol to be used.  It is not at all uncommon for Kambo to reveal a physical issue by bringing it to the surface.  When there is a serious medical condition, there can be additional time needed for your system to stabilize after taking Kambo.